Boston, MA - The Boston Casey's are pleased to announce their newest free agent signing, Emmet O'Malley Casey. Mr. Casey showed an impulsive side as he rushed to join the Casey's on Sunday, Jan 17th. After a brief 2 hours of negotiation at 12:37 pm.
Emmet Casey enters the family with his trademark shock of blond hair and propensity for sleeping that has many calling this a great addition for the Casey's. Weighing in at 7 pounds 5 ounces and standing 20 inches tall (with assistance) Emmet reinforces the strength of the Casey family - namely the profusion of adolescent boys. Critics of the deal say that perhaps another female presence could serve to corral the wilder male impulses in the household, but Mrs. Casey commented, "I don't care, he's got such a cute little butt!" Assistant GM Chris Casey praised the deal saying, "The one-two punch of Declan and Emmet Casey gives us a tough to beat combination, and has a side benefit in that we don't have to buy any new clothes. He's a fabulous signing, and I commend Mrs. Casey on the poise and grace with which she handled negotiations, she's a true professional in every way. Thank God she's on my team!"