Jerry Berkson joined us as a potential member.
Congratulations to Jesse
We reviewed some upcoming projects
Rose Brucia Foundation
Thanksgiving baskets
GN South Robotics
100% Paul Harris Awards Club
Great Neck North.. Action for Women
"Early Act" Clubs at Elementary School
Sister Clubs
Attendees: Jesse,  Lynn,  Ed,  Jay,  Emma, Betsy L,  John, Mike , Doug
Guest: Jerry Berkson, Former teacher GN School System
Jerry Berkson joined us as a potential member. He was Doug's former Social Studies teacher in Middle School. It turns out Ed coached his son in sports!!
Congratulations to Jesse who displayed cover of his soon to be bestseller book "Let it be Easy".
We reviewed some upcoming projects this year including:
Rose Brucia Foundation ..which is a puppet show to teach stranger safety to elementary schoolers.
Thanksgiving baskets: last yr Brookdale Hospital team distributed 200 baskets
GN South Robotics: our premier project which will have 75 members next yr..we shall seek to obtain Corporate sponsors and hope Gov. Ravi will have success with Grant to RI
100% Paul Harris Awards Club..we will establish an account the objective of which is to secure this prestige award to those who have yet to obtain one so that we may becom a 100% Paul Harris Club.
Great Neck North..we await response from Advisor to discuss our support of Action for Women..should she be unavailable we shall seek to support a new Club at NH.
New legislation from RI encourges Clubs to establish "Early Act" Clubs at Elementary School. Doug will invite Saddle Rock Principal to meet with us to discuss how we can best achieve this.
Sister Clubs: We will establish relationship with our sister Clubs in India and Italy. Jay has made outreach to a Club in Japan. We also wish to remain in touch with Taiwan GSE students we hosted.

Mike will evaluate the creation of a facebook account to be part of our website or as a stand alone ,whichever works best to facilitate communication.
All members are encourages to visit our website at
which we will continue to develop