Youth Exchange: Simon from France

As previously noted, Rotary District 7250 is seeking a  host family in GN North area for Youth Exchange Student from France. I expect a more full profile but his name is Simon..he is 16..plays tennis and guitar..speaks English and Italian..eats everything a student member of School Board..his mom says "he's a good boy"!!
John Ryan of GN Rotary will serve as his contact with School and his Club will provide usual financial allowance, gifts etc and conduct background cks of hosts and in general be responsible for Rotary's end of boy's welfare as is usual in this program. The family should consider him a member of their family including chores, house rules etc. Our Club is just helping John to find suitable family. Family need not be Rotarians. In general we like three host families of 3 mths each duration  but if we can secure one to begin it is not unusual for the boy to make a friend whose family may take over second and third host duties.